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Videotelling is the everyday conversational activity of putting video narratives into words. This might sound like a simple idea. But there is so much to think about and so much to learn. This fun and fresh approach will benefit anyone who is interested in developing their communicative skills.

About this session

Imagine telling a friend about a funny video that you have just seen on YouTube. This may sound simple enough. But consider all the different decisions you would have to make:

  • How do you start?

  • What aspects of the video do you draw attention to?

  • How do you recreate funny images in the mind of your listener?

  • What language choices do you make?

  • How do you "sell" it to your friend?

This session will open participants’ minds to the details of effective communication and listening. It can be organised as a fun team-building event with a competitive twist.

Particularly useful for:

  • Marketers & advertisers

  • Presenters

  • Educators

  • Photographers and videographers

  • Podcasters

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