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20 Storytelling Skills

What makes a good mouth-to-ear storyteller? Charisma, articulation, eye contact … ?

Performance aspects like these are important. But before we get there, there are more fundamental principles to consider. Quite simply, successful storytelling requires preparation and reflection.

About this session

During this practical workshop, you will learn:

• The basics of planning and preparing your story
• The importance of the setup
• Finding your meaning and thinking about your audience
• How to begin and how to end your story


When we embrace storytelling, we improve as communicators. And this workshop will be useful for any professional communicator. That includes presenters, educators, YouTubers, podcasters, marketers, trainers, and more.

Particularly useful for:

  • Presenters

  • YouTubers & podcasters

  • Managers

  • Teachers, trainers & educators

  • Parents

  • Stand-up comedians

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