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Use story to engage your audience and connect with your listeners, viewers, customers, employees, and trainees.

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You were taught ...
  • How to swim

  • How to speak a second language

  • How to ride a bike

  • How to keep tropical fish

  • How to boil an egg 

But when did you ever learn to tell a story?


My name is Jamie Keddie. I want to teach you the fundamental storytelling skills that will keep your audience wanting more.

Tell better stories ✖
Tell stories better ✔



What I offer

  • Seminars, courses, workshops & bespoke trainings

  • All group sizes including one-to-one and large audiences

  • Online & in person

Here are some example sessions:


Stories as tools




20 storytelling skills

Put your stories to work

The perfect event for team building

Learn the basics



Carolyn J Carpenter
Founder - Hollywood Gatekeepers

I train people how to analyze screenplays for the film industry. I’ve read over eleven thousand screenplays. I am buried deep in the world of story-telling. Yet, I’ve never met anyone quite like Jamie. As a story-teller, Jamie's talent is mind-blowing. He unleashes stories in a unique, authentic, accessible, heartfelt and entertaining fashion. Brace yourself. Jamie will open your eyes and your mind to the power of story-telling. If you have a chance to work with Jamie, do it. You'll be glad you did.

Thom Kiddle NILE.jpg

Thom Kiddle
Director at Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE)

NILE is recognised as the leading language teacher training institute in the UK. Since 2014, Jamie has been part of our team as an associate trainer and ambassador for the institute. His innovative courses on visual materials and storytelling are among our most popular. I would add that he is also one of the best conference presenters in the profession.


Ana-Maria Stanciuc
Skills & Systems Program Manager, Microsoft WW Public Sector - Education

We partnered with Jamie on a project which empowered 200 young female computer scientists by offering them perspectives on leadership. In preparation for a 2-day hackathon event, Jamie trained the participants to incorporate storytelling into their presentations. This allowed them to create pitches that were compelling and memorable. I look forward to working with Jamie on similar future projects.


Jen Conroy
Copy Lead, Global Copy Team, Vista (Barcelona)

We hired Jamie as part of a team-building program to help our creative team connect and develop their storytelling skills. Jamie’s techniques, which make use of short online videos, are highly innovative and effective. His sessions were fun and memorable. He is a great trainer. Highly recommended!


Let's get to work on your story

One-to-one coaching



My name is Jamie Keddie. I am a Scotsman based in Barcelona. For over 10 years, I have trained companies and organisations in over 45 countries to better engage audiences with story.

I am an Oxford University Press author and the founder of LessonStream – an online community of teachers. I am also a stand-up storyteller and comedian.

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